‘Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain’ Patch 1.06 Lets You Bring Quiet Back

Welcome back Quiet!

For those who really, really miss Quiet in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, the game’s latest update offers a rescue or a reunion or replay of sorts. Well, all three of the aforementioned ‘R’s’ are relevant.

For those who haven’t played Metal Gear Solid V, there are slight spoilers ahead.

Quiet exits the game before the campaign is complete and isn’t available for assistance anywhere thereafter. But redditor Brotigan has found a way to reunite with Quiet.

The notes for Patch 1.06 make no mention of the ability to bring Quiet back, but one of the game’s settings file contains a line of code that reads: _.Quiet_Reunion_Mission_Count=3.

The game counts how many times players completed a certain mission, specifically the one entitled “Cloaked in Silence.” After the sixth play through of the mission, its title changes to “[Reunion] Cloaked in Silence.”

And after the seventh play through, Quiet returns and is available in all of the later missions. And the crowd went wild.

“I feel like a great weight has been lifted from my heart. Bless you Konami for giving us the gift of love once again,” writes redditor YMCAle.

“Hooooly s**t. Now I can finally actually play mission 45, and customize a cool emblem that doesn’t have that damn butterfly on it,” exclaims redditor JustAWonderfulMan.

Quiet’s exit from the game was apparently meant to be emotional, a loss. But her return or the process of getting her back seems fun and replayability trumps the sombreness of the story in this case.

Reuniting with Quiet, based on the comments on the thread, shows the impact and bond the player had built with her. Even though players have to replay the same mission seven times to reunite with Quiet.

While that’s a bit of a grind, that helps to preserve that special feeling surrounding the eagle-eyed tranq shooter, as noted by redditor SenorFish.

“[I] figured for most people, that feeling of sacrifice is still there. I think that’s why they made it a requirement to play it 7 more times to get her back for those who really wanted her as a buddy again.”[“source-techtimes”]