Microsoft Remote Desktop Preview Update Boosts Continuum Power For Remotely Controlling PCs Through Smartphones

Microsoft Remote Desktop Preview_800x600.jpg

Microsoft has just began sending out an updated version of the Windows Remote Desktop Preview application, which should make the Continuum experience of Windows Phone owners more engaging.

The Remote Desktop Preview app, currently at version 844, fully supports Windows 10 Mobile and Continuum for smartphones.

What this means is that handsets working on Windows 10 Mobile can make use of Win32 apps and even use Continuum to open applications on Smart TVs and large PC monitors.

Users may take advantage of Remote Desktop to remotely connect to PCs that run Windows, and even make the best of the resources found on those computers. However, for Remote Desktop to run on Windows and non-Windows systems, back-end infrastructure and client-access licenses are a must.

Until recently, Continuum allowed users with Windows 10 Mobile handsets to access only the Universal Windows Platform apps, in case they wanted to work on large screen monitors. Thanks to the update to the Remote Desktop Preview, users can work without hindrance through their complete versions of Office, Wordpad, Paint and other existing Win32 apps.

Unfortunately, the Remote Desktop still does not support Azure RemoteApp, according to Microsoft’s blog post. Azure RemoteApp, also dubbed Mohoro, allows users to upload Windows apps in the cloud and use them from a myriad of devices.

On the upside, the app will get compatibility with Remote Desktop sometimes soon, Microsoft notes.

Those who cannot wait to put the new features to the test can get the latest version of Remote Desktop preview app from the Windows 10 Store. The client had previous versions which were compatible with operating systems such as Windows 8.1, Windows Phone 8.1, iOS Mac OS X and Android.

More than once, Microsoft executives boasted that the streamlined experience offered by Windows 10 in parternship with Continuum will change the way we use computers.

It should be noted that if you want to fully take advantage of the Continuum synergy, you’ll need to use a latest-generation smartphone, such as the Lumia 950 or the Lumia 950 XL.

This simply means that previous models of Windows Phones are unable to offer the Continuum flexibility, even if they have Windows 10 Mobile installed.