Need for Speed PC Coming in March, Offers 4K Visuals and Manual Transmission

The PC version of Need for Speed will launch on March 15, Electronic Arts announced today. The release date was divulged in a new “PC Reveal” video that uses the song “Get Low.”

Footage in the video was captured in-engine and is representative of what you’ll see in the game, EA claims. However, it’s unclear what level of a PC the footage was captured on.

The video also confirms that Need for Speed’s PC edition will support steering wheels from Logitech, Thrustmaster, and Fanatec, as well as gamepads like Xbox One controllers.

In a blog post, developer Ghost Games confirmed that Need for Speed on PC will run at a higher frame rate than consoles, if your computer can handle it. The game sports an unlocked frame rate capable of delivering 4K visuals.

Need for Speed’s PC edition follows the console version’s release last year. Ghost said the extra development time allowed the team to “create the definitive NFS PC experience.”

Additionally, Ghost confirmed that Need for Speed’s PC version will offer manual transmission, which was a much-talked about feature by fans, according to the developer. Manual transmission is also coming to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions through a future update.

Finally, Ghost explained that the PC edition of Need for Speed will include the console version’s previous updates, including Icons and Legends, from the start. The new Showcase update, meanwhile, will be available on PC “shortly after launch.”

PC players won’t necessarily have to wait until March 15 to play Need for Speed, as Origin Access members can start playing five days early, on March 10.


[Source:- gamerant]