• New Chrome Beta version includes built-in webcam, mic support

    Google Chrome Beta got updated today to version 21.0.1180.15 with some interesting new features. The announcement, which came via a company blog states that the browser can now access your webcam and microphone without having to install any additional plug-in. This is made possible through the HTML 5 getUserMedia API.

    Google has also provided certain sites to test this feature. While Webcam Toy is a great photo booth app that has plenty of effects to play around with, Magic Xylophone allows you to virtually play the instrument just by waving your hands in front of the camera. Once users install the latest version Chrome Beta, a bar on top pops up that prompts users for access to the webcam and microphone.

    Apart from this, the update also brings Google’s Cloud Print integration in to Chrome’s print dialog that will allow you to print from anywhere to your Cloud Ready Printer, Google Drive, Chrome on your mobile or to over 1,800 FedEx offices.


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