New ‘Heroes Of The Storm’ Map Towers Of Doom Is The Craziest Battleground We’ve Seen To Date

Towers of Doom Map

Blizzard has rolled out a new battleground for Heroes of the Storm called the Towers of Doom, and it’s one of the most bizarre maps in the game yet.

Players will get to battle it out on a three-lane arena and choose to side with either of the two realm lords: the Raven Lord, ruler of Raven Court, or the Gravekeeper, who has his eye set on the Haunted Mines.

In Towers of Doom, the objectives are not as simple. The two teams will start out with three towers each, where they will both simultaneously protect their own and capture the enemy’s. For each destroyed tower, a friendly one will take its place, which is useful to maintain territory and carry out the main objective of damaging the enemy’s core.


Spread around the map will be altars that spawn from time to time. Players will have to channel them, and when successful, friendly towers as well as the core will launch a projectile to the opponent’s core, dealing one damage each.


There’s also a big bonus when all the towers on the battleground are captured. When a team successfully does this, its core will continuously launch projectiles to the enemy’s core as long as the team maintains ownership over the six towers.

To add more crazy elements to the map, Blizzard has added in a Kill Zone, an area in front of a base that’s chock-full of deadly cannons.


On top of that, the battleground is sprinkled with mercenary camps, which players can take advantage of to spawn three Sappers that can take down towers effectively. As another bonus, when a team gains control of all six towers, Sappers will go directly to the enemy’s base, sacrificing themselves to deal one damage to the opposing team’s core.

What’s more, the Towers of Doom features World of Warcraft‘s Headless Horseman of Hallow’s End, and when players defeat him, his cellar door will open up and launch four projectiles to the enemy’s core.


Players will also get to enjoy a one-way teleportation tunnel that goes straight to the middle of the map, but be warned, as enemies will also spawn there.

Each core has 40 health points, and the winner is essentially determined by who gets to deal 40 damage first. The Towers of Doom definitely brings an exciting new gameplay to the table that’ll keep Heroes of the Storm players glued to their computers.

Hit up the video below to see the Headless Horseman, Sappers, the Kill Zone and many other thrilling features.