Nexus 6P Problems: Users Complain Of Broken Microphone, Google Says It Is Investigating Issue

Nexus 6P

Previously, reports indicating that a few customers have been encountering spontaneous rear glass panel cracking problem on their Huawei-built Nexus 6P have surfaced over the net. Now, a new complaint has emerged: quite a few users seem to be impacted by issues related to the phone’s microphone during calls. It appears that the issue is linked to the phone’s noise cancellation feature.

Affected users took to various online forums to gripe on their concerns. A user, for instance, took to the Google Product Forum to whine regarding the problem, saying that the person on the other end of the call struggled with hearing the voice of the Nexus 6P user.

“While talking to my wife today she could barely hear me and said it sounded like I was very far away or muffled,” says Jamie Corbett, a Google Product Forum user. “This was while I had the headset to my ear like normal.”

Corbett added that when the loudspeaker was turned on, the person at the opposite end of the call says that the line becomes clear and starts sounding okay.

“I’m having an issue where ALL of my callers tell me they hear voice echo (i.e. they hear themselves) while on the phone with me,” writes a Reddit user with a handle hopkinsdrums.

Covering the rear mic, however, may seem to resolve the problem. The user says that a software update could repair the problem.

Yet another user on the XDA Developers forum says that whenever they put the smartphone on their desk on its back, people say they cannot hear the voice of the Nexus 6P user.

“Is there only one mic on the Nexus 6p which is on the back?” asks the user.

In the meantime, another Reddit user bossbrew says that they also had the problem and deactivating the noise cancellation functionality actually fixed the issue.

The solution can be carried out by modifying the “” build.prop setting from “true” to “false.”

If the problem is hardware-based, however, then Google might end up recalling quite a few of the smartphones it unveiled on Sept. 29.

A staff from the Mountain View-based company has responded to the posts on the official support forum, saying Google is already looking into it.