Nintendo Creates New eBay Store As Company Prepares For Black Friday

Mario Kart 8

Nintendo has opened its very own eBay store, creating another avenue for fans to purchase consoles and video games from the web. It’s an odd decision, but Black Friday makes everything possible, it seems.

The store is currently populated with several items. The Wii Remote Plus is there and looking great, along with a few 2D systems. Although there’s no sign of the Wii U video game console at this time, several games are for sale.

Titles such as Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros are all available in the Nintendo eBay store. There’s even a refurbished 3DS handheld system up for grabs as well. It would seem as if the company is focusing on Mario titles because most of what can be seen in the store are those types of games.

Ever wanted to own Super Mario 3D Land? No problem, it’s there. How about Super Mario Bros. U? There too.

All items are being sold at Buy It Now prices, so folks going in with plans to take advantage of the Auction feature should step back right now. Furthermore, not a single title is on sale so buyers may be left wondering if Nintendo knew what it was doing before the whole thing was pulled.

Currently, only a small number of customers bought and got their items. So far, Nintendo’s eBay store has received four positive feedback ratings along with 0 negative and 0 neutral. One user said his game was shipped quickly, and it didn’t take long for him to receive it. Another said the item is in great shape, adding that the store’s service is excellent.

At this time, Nintendo has over 4,500 followers on its eBay store, all waiting to see what type of deals the Mario factory will make available in the next two to three days when Black Friday shows its face with savings for everyone.

Since the launch of the Wii U, Nintendo’s market share in the video game market has been dipping in favor of Microsoft and Sony. Rumors have it that the company is planning to release a new console in 2016, and it is called the NX.