Nintendo ‘Splatoon’ Gets New Content: Maps, Stages, Gear And More


Splatoon is one of those whacky but engrossing games that pulls you into its world of splattering opponents and swimming through ink. Nintendo wants to keep players involved and is now offering a number of updates to tend to the needs of passionate squid ink shooters.

The Japanese console maker wants summer to run all year in Inkopolis, and that is why two attractive, fast-paced stages become available with the latest update of Splatoon.

The first is called Museum d’Alfonsino and is set in a posh contemporary museum that seems to be designed with jellyfish in mind. A myriad of high-spots and revolving doors add to the challenging atmosphere of the stage. Nautical art is everywhere, and the squid ink sticks perfectly to the ships and boats that are depicted everywhere. Five revolving obstacles sit between the teams who have to paint the stage while docking behind them. The stage went live on Nov. 13, at 6 p.m. Pacific Time.

The second one is dubbed Mahi-Mahi Resort, and in spite of its chilling atmosphere, it has the potential to be the most dangerous stage so far. Inklings have to hop from platform to platform in the middle of a hotel pool and it should be noted that Inklings have quite strong water adversity. Those brave enough to venture in the middle of the perilous liquid should know that at half-game, the water level dips. This means that the surface that you can paint expands significantly, making the battle for inky terrain terrible until the last seconds of the match.

The first part of the update rolled out on Nov. 12 at 5 p.m. Pacific Time, adding new stylish gear items such as wintery sweaters or slick scarves.

The developers also promised that Splatoon will get updates until January, with further support depending exclusively on the demand from gamers. It is likely that Splatoon will enter the platoon of shooters that get updated less often, but on a consistent basis.

The fast-paced shooter launched last May and since then Nintendo has been pumping out a good quantity of new content. Players received two new gameplay modes, 27 new weaponized-painting tools, over 80 pieces of clothing, private matches and eight new maps.

Investors took note that Nintendo managed to sell 2.42 million copies of Splatoon so far.

For those of you who want to get a better idea of what Splatoon looks like now with the “inkredible new stages and gear,” an official video details the game.