NTT Com sets up IoT practice

NTT Com is setting up an IoT practice

NTT Com is setting up an office to target the development, sales and marketing of Internet of Things solutions.

The ICT-focused subsidiary of NTT Group said it will leverage its expertise in cloud computing, software development and telecoms to design and sell IoT solutions to clients, solutions that make use of the company’s 130 cloud datacentres and global network.

It plans to offer a one-stop application platform that can store, analyse and visualise data generated from IoT sensors.

The company is already working with a number of companies in Japan and Indonesia on a series of IoT trials.

In August this year for instance it announced a partnership with Kanazawa Nishi Hospital in Japan to test sensors deployed in electric appliances to help monitor elderly people living alone. In April it announced a partnership with TOCHU Corporation to test a smart streetlighting network at a complex in Indonesia to help optimise power consumption.






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