Obnex Technologies’ Excel Add-In to Update Cloud Data in Azure SQL Database

GOTHENBURG, SwedenJuly 7, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — To reflect the growing adoption of cloud databases, the latest version of the SQL Spreads Excel Add-In from Obnex Technologies now includes support for managing and updating data in Azure SQL databases.

SQL Spreads simplifies the way business users manage and update data in SQL Server databases by giving them easy access to their data through standard Excel documents. With the new SQL Spreads 4.2 release, it is also possible to manage cloud-based data in Azure SQL databases.

“We see that many customers are moving data into the cloud, and now they also have the possibility to manage that data through the well-known Excel interface,” says Johannes Akesson, founder of Obnex Technologies. “By using Excel as an interface, we can remove the technical barriers to managing the Azure SQL data and make it easier for users to make changes to their solutions further down the line.”

SQL Spreads customer Kevin P. Barnett at R.E.A. Group Holdings in London, UK, says: “Within five minutes I was up and running and making updates to our ERP system based on SQL Server. It’s a fantastic product for non-SQL people. For people experienced with SQL it is a major time-saving tool that combines the best of SQL and Excel.”

To simplify the program for non-technical users, SQL Spreads uses a “click-and-see” interface for selecting how the database is shown in the Excel document. All settings get stored in the Excel document, so it is easy to share solutions amongst users who need to manage and update business data using Excel.

SQL Spreads 4.2 costs $499 for a single-user license, and volume pricing is available for more licenses. A 14-day free trial can be downloaded from https://sqlspreads.com.

About Obnex Technologies:
Obnex Technologies provides software tools for businesses seeking to easily manage and consolidate data using Excel and SQL Server. By combing a background from the Business Intelligence field with great usability skills, the company is able to provide a world-leading Excel-to-SQL Server solution.

Obnex Technologies is a privately held company based in Gothenburg, Sweden. For more information, visit https://sqlspreads.com.

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