Operating in the cloud: the sky is the limit

Your business might not be operating solely in the cloud yet, but chances are you’re one of the 95% of businesses that are using the cloud in some capacity. From application hosting to data storage and even replacing servers, there isn’t much the cloud can’t do; the sky really is the limit.

An area in which cloud hosting is underutilised is hosted telephony, but usage is growing each day. With IDSN set to retire in 2025, more businesses than ever are choosing to host their telephone connections in the cloud. This offers businesses a number of significant benefits, including minimal CapEx, a truly mobile workforce that can operate on office-based phone numbers, and built-in disaster recovery. This increases staff mobility without any disruption to the customer, with an added layer of security should disaster strike.

In this infographic, IT support company Technology Services Group (TSG) outlines modern usage of the cloud, breaks down the jargon surrounding the cloud and demonstrates the benefits that can be realised from a move to the cloud.