Oracle Announces Oracle Cloud Platform For Big Data

Oracle announced a number of new additions to the company’s Platform-as-a-Service that deliver enhanced Big Data functionality. Adding to the existing Oracle Big Data Cloud Service and Big Data SQL Cloud Service are the new Oracle Big Data Presentation, Oracle GoldenGate, Oracle Big Data Discovery, and Oracle NoSQL Cloud Services

“Big data is helping customers address critical areas: improving customer experience, reducing churn, streamlining operations and building Internet of Things applications. We’re already seeing it on-premises where our big data business is growing faster than the market as a whole,” said Thomas Kurian, President, Oracle. “With Oracle’s new Cloud Platform for Big Data, we’re delivering on our promise to enable customers to take advantage of the same technologies on-premises and in the cloud and widening Oracle’s lead in cloud computing.”

Oracle Big Data Preparation Cloud Service is built to allow data scientists to reduce the amount of time spent preparing data for analysis. Built on a foundation of Hadoop/Spark, this service adds Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Reference Dataset Knowledge services to power a machine-learning driven recommendation engine. Oracle Big Data Preparation Cloud Service streamlines and automates the work of cleansing, governing and publishing high volumes of structured and unstructured data.

Oracle GoldenGate Cloud Service helps accelerate and simplify the work of transferring high volumes of data from on-premises data stores to cloud repositories for analysis. Oracle GoldenGate Cloud Service is compatible with Oracle Big Data Lake and Data Warehouse Cloud Services, and can connect local data stores with cloud-based Hadoop, Spark, NoSQL and DbaaS implementations.

Oracle Big Data Discovery Cloud Service is built natively on Hadoop and provides business users with an easy to use GUI with search and guided navigation functionality. Users can intuitively explore datasets, combine disparate data, and create visualizations with drag and drop dashboard composition. Oracle Big Data Discovery Cloud Service includes powerful collaboration features and can export data back to HDFS. Oracle Big Data Discovery Cloud Service can be used with any tool built on Hadoop Open Standards.

Oracle NoSQL Database Cloud Service is Oracle’s scale-out, low latency, key-value database. This service combines the power of SQL and NoSQL by allowing the use of traditional SQL tools to do adhoc reporting. Oracle NoSQL Database Cloud Service supports Key-Value, Tables and JSON data types, with a simple API for Java, Node and Python developers.

With today’s announcements, Oracle has rounded out its portfolio of Cloud Services to deliver a full set of Big Data tools to the enterprise cloud.


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