Young people are experiencing depression, anxiety, and sleep deprivation because they feel a constant need to be on social media sites 24×7, according to new research.

    Professors from the University of Glasgow questioned over 460 respondents aged between 11 and 17 regarding their overall — but specifically night-time — social media use, and also measured sleep quality, self esteem, and emotional investment in the sites.

    Results showed how a constant need to make them selves available online was making teens feel tired down, and anxious as they struggled to keep in-the-loop with what was happening on the internet.

    One of the researchers, Dr Heather Cleland Woods, described how adolescence can be a period of in creased vulnerability for the onset of depression and anxiety, with poor sleep quality contributing to this. She said: “Evidence is increasingly supporting a link between social media use and wellbeing .





















    [“Source- timesofindia”]

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