Rainbow Six Siege’s Latest Patch Causing All Sorts of New Problems

Rainbow Six Siege’s 2.0 patch arrived earlier this week, introducing a number of improvements and fixes to various issues. Unfortunately, it also brought with it a number of new problems, some of which are very serious.

Over the past few days, a number of these issues have come to light on places like the Rainbow Six subreddit and official forums. This includes one dubbed the Shadowman that causes some players to appear as a black silhouette standing with their arms extended to the sides, regardless of their current position. That makes it impossible for you to know if that player is, say, laying down, which means you might not be shooting the space they’re actually occupying.

Other problems see headshots not registering properly (as pictured above, courtesy of Reddit user rainbows_headshot), knife hits doing nothing, and players being able to disable the laser on Kapkan’s tripmines. Those same mines can also be rendered invisible through what seems like a related glitch.

Ubisoft says it’s aware of at least some of these problems on itsforums, but we don’t yet know when fixes will be deployed for all of them. Kapkan’s invisible mines will be fixed in patch 2.1, but other issues don’t have resolutions scheduled as of yet.