Rapper Lupe Fiasco Beats Daigo in Street Fighter 5

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With Street Fighter 5 having only been out less than 24 hours, the “God of 2D Fighters” Daigo Umehara has suffered a loss at the hands of rapper Lupe Fiasco.

Highly-anticipated fighting game Street Fighter 5 has only been out for a number of hours but already history has been made, with rapper Lupe Fiasco taking a win over from legendary Street Fighter player Daigo ‘The Beast’ Umehara. The match was held during the game’s launch event yesterday where Fiasco won 3-2, bringing the last round back from the brink of defeat to secure his victory. You can watch the full match below:


Daigo is well-renowned for being one of the world’s best Street Fighter players in any of the games in the series and Street Fighter 5 is sure to be no exception. In Japan, the legend is known as “the god of 2D fighting games” and he has a long streak of wins to back up this title, most recently taking 1st place at the Topanga League’s Ultra Street Fighter 4 tournament and coming in 2nd at the Capcom Cup 2015. Lupe Fiasco is known for being a big gamer and the artist has made several videogame references in his music, but if you’d had to bet on this match’s outcome it’s almost certain that you’d be putting your money on Daigo.

Back in January, Lupe tweeted that it “would be an honor to lose to Daigo-San” after he was offered a session of Street Fighter 5 with the seasoned player. Now Fiasco is probably the only player in the world who can boast a 100% success-rate over Umehara and has announced his retirement from the game to maintain his win-streak forever. In a post-match interview, the rapper stated: “I almost cried on stage,” as well as adding that playing against Daigo “was a bucket list thing.”


Whilst many people in the live-streamed match’s chat believed the whole match to be staged, the event proved to be hugely successful for Street Fighter 5 as a whole. The game has released toexcellent reviews, despite many of the features such as the Store and Challenge Mode not being available until the March update. Excitingly, Capcom has announced that all DLC for Street Fighter 5can be unlocked for free, allowing players to spend in-game fight money if they don’t want to fork out for the season pass. What’s more, for the next several months, there will be a new character released periodically which is sure to keep players interested.

For now Street Fighter 5 is off to a rocky start, with the servers having issues and players struggling to connect to the game’s online mode. Whilst single-player content such as the game’s Character Story mode and Survival mode is still available, the game’s launch has disappointed many by refusing to allow fans access to online matches. It seems that despite four beta testing periods, Capcom may still have underestimated just how popular the fighting game would be.

Street Fighter 5 is available now for PC and PlayStation 4.


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