‘Retro City Rampage’ Sequel ‘Shakedown Hawaii’ Goes 16-Bit In First Trailer

Shakedown Hawaii

The action continues as Retro City Rampage gets a sequel calledShakedown Hawaii, cramming in more bits to go from its 8-bit design to a 16-bit look. The second title retains its bird’s-eye view perspective similar to the original Grand Theft Auto.

Vblank Entertainment has announced that it’ll arrive on multiple platforms, including the PC, PlayStation 4, PS Vita and the Nintendo 3DS. The developer also has its eye set on the upcoming Nintendo NX, and if it pushes through with a release on the upcoming Nintendo console, the Nintendo 3DS just might lose its spot.

Shakedown Hawaii is set 30 years in the future of Retro City Rampage, and the top-down shooter is “powered up with destructible environments and an arsenal of supercharged weapons,” as Sony puts it.

A playable version of the sequel will debut at the next PlayStation Experience in San Francisco from Dec. 5 to 6, where even more head-turning features will be unveiled.


While there’s still time before Shakedown Hawaii premieres, this is the perfect opportunity to get acquainted withRetro City Rampage, where The Player began his time-traveling adventure.

The original game was initially released on the PC back in 2012, and it has been ported to other platforms such as the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360, Linux and even Microsoft DOS. While the title had an Xbox 360 release, Shakedown Hawaii might not roll out to the Xbox One.

“I’m not over committing to launch platforms this time, as the focus took away from polishing RCR to where I wanted it for launch. My focus this time is to polish this new game to the best degree possible, and spend less time on the porting and logistics of a wide launch. And to clarify, no platform has given me money for any kind of exclusivity,” Brian Provinciano, CEO and developer of Vblank Entertainment, says in a Facebook post responding to questions about the game’s Xbox One release.

Provinciano didn’t exactly say that Shakedown Hawaii won’t launch on the Xbox One, so nothing’s set in stone. It’s probably A-OK to keep those fingers crossed.