Rocket League Season Two Starts Today

Rocket League’s first season has ended, and developer Psyonix will start rolling out a new patch and the beginning of season two later today.

The official Rocket League Twitter account alerted fans that Season One Ranked Play would end around 1 PM PST today. It let players know that Ranked Playlists would be disabled until the new patch releases. The account tweeted shortly after thatthe new patch and season two would start rolling out an hour later.

Season two of Rocket League will feature new divisions, titles, and more. You will have to determine their skill level by playing ten matches, which will then place you in one of the three divisions. Psyonix has confirmed that your division placement will be influenced in some way by your performance in season one.

Rocket League will be getting a new playlist called Rocket Labs that features new maps without their final artwork assets.

The car soccer game releases on Xbox One with exclusive cars and items next week.