Rumor: New Conker Game And More Potentially Leaked

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NeoGAF users discover hidden Windows Store listings for a HoloLens HoloStudio app as well as two unannounced video games:  Fragments and Young Conker.

While the Minecraft HoloLens presentation at E3 2015 was impressive, Microsoft has not spoken much about its unique augmented reality device since then. However, NeoGAF users have discovered some hidden Windows Store listings that may indicate that Microsoft may be revealing more for the HoloLens in the very near future.

Firstly, there’s the HoloStudio app. Its HoloLens functionality is implied by its very name, though beyond the fact that it is rated for “Everyone”, there is little else known about it. One can speculate as to what HoloStudio will entail, but it really could be just about anything.

Secondly, there’s a Mature-rated game called Fragments that has also been discovered on the Windows Store. Microsoft filed a trademark for gaming software under the name Fragments in December, but again, little else is known about it. However, if one looks at the screenshot of one of Microsoft’s HoloLens presentations below, the middle-right tile is called Fragments, reaffirming the unannounced game’s existence and its probable HoloLens functionality.

Rumor Patrol: Holostudio, Fragments, and Young Conker Potentially Leaked By Microsoft Store - HoloLens Fragments

Like the HoloStudio app, Fragments could be anything. Without more information from Microsoft, it’s virtually impossible to truly guess what kind of game it is, though we do know that it is an actual game, whereas HoloStudio is just an app. Its name may hint that it is somehow related to the upcoming Xbox One exclusive game/television show hybrid Quantum Break, which has players dealing with “time fragments”, but that is just speculation at this point. Luckily, the third hidden Windows Store listing discovered by NeoGAF is not quite as mysterious, as it is based on a pre-existing Microsoft IP.

The third listing is for an unannounced game called Young Conker. Whether or not it actually uses HoloLens remains to be seen, but it seems obvious that Young Conker is likely a prequel to the ever-popular Conker’s Bad Fur Day.

However, what may make fans of Conker hesitant about Young Conker is the game’s Teen rating. This could indicate a departure from the franchise’s usual brand of vulgar humor, which helped make the original game a cult hit on the Nintendo 64 in the first place. Over the years, Microsoft has shown a tendency to shy away from Conker’s inherent vulgarity, with the Xbox remake of the original featuring significant censorship.

Conkers Bad Fur Day Sequel Project Spark

The Project Spark game starring Conker was similarly much less vulgar than the original Conker’s Bad Fur Day. That take on Rare’s foul-mouthed squirrel saw a major art style change as well, which didn’t sit well with fans of classic Conker. Overall, it wasn’t a very popular effort to revive the series, and as a result the episodic Conker’s Big Reunion Project Spark project was cancelled before it could release all of its episodes.

Perhaps that cancellation was meant to pave the way for Young Conker to hit the scene. We can’t say for certain, but hopefully the listings for Young Conker and the other two products in the Windows Store indicate Microsoft will give us more information soon.

None of this information has yet been confirmed by Microsoft, so take it with a grain of salt for the time being.


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