Rumour: EA could be a key partner for the Nintendo NX

If the latest reports are true, Nintendo is looking to make EA Games a key partner for the Nintendo NX.

A few years back, EA CEO John Riccitiello spoke about the “unprecedented partnership” EA enjoyed with Nintendo.

However, that partnership quickly dissolved, with EA announcing it would no longer support the Wii U after a string of bad game launches on the platform.

Well, the tides might be about to change as according to a “solid source” speaking to Nintendo Life, Nintendo and EA are apparently looking to get back into bed with each other.

One of the website’s main contributors has been chatting with EA staff, who say that EA has meetings with Nintendo next month to chat about the NX.

EA already has Nintendo NX dev kits and it seems the publisher is keen to work with Nintendo on its next console.

Reading between the lines, this must mean that EA sees the potential in the NX – especially compared to the Wii U.

Nintendo is apparently citing EA as one of its key partners for the success of the NX.

We expect to hear a lot more about the Nintendo NX sometime this year, and we’ve got E3 2016 pinned as the place for those announcements.

[Source:- Digitalspy]