Samsung Galaxy Gear 360: Great for the Galaxy S8, not so much for the iPhone

gear 360 main

Once the two are paired, you’ll see a series of options. There’s a gallery that shows the photos and videos you’ve taken, and a live broadcast button that streams your content to YouTube or Facebook. As you record or broadcast, you’ll see a live preview of what’s being shot, and when you’ve finished, your recording will be saved to an in-app gallery.

Controls are super simple, with a pair of buttons for power and menu on the side, and a large recording button on the front. The Gear 360’s light yet sturdy design is definitely travel-friendly (you get a bundled strap and sturdy case), and the 1,160 mAh battery is more than capable of capturing a lengthy recording session. The Gear 360 also makes adorable sounds when its buttons are pressed, giving it a BB8 or R2D2 vibe.