Samsung’s huge curved gaming monitor is an absolute unit, and $100 off

This 49-inch Samsung curved gaming monitor is down to $799.99, its cheapest price yet. It’s been $899.99 for most of the year, so you’re saving $100 on this Cyber Monday monitor deal.

Curved gaming monitors are pretty indulgent, so if you’re going to surround your head with the Skellige Isles why not go the extra mile and do so with a 49-inch monitor? Sure, you could stick two regular monitors side by side but then you’d have to put up with a gap in Big Geralt’s gorgeous visage as he smiles down on you. You wouldn’t do that to Geralt, would you?

Samsung’s CHG90 has FreeSync 2 HDR support and a fast 144Hz refresh rate, QLED technology, and an adjustable stand. If its 3840×1080 resolution isn’t enough for you, the Samsung CRG90 has a resolution of 5120×1440, and is also on sale. This is actually even wider than the standard ultrawide monitor.

Just keep in mind, if you go with the frankly ridiculous CRG90, that most games aren’t exactly built for it. The 21:9 aspect ratio still has limited support, so 32:9 is, understandably, not high on the priority list. But just think of the extremely wide spreadsheets you’ll be able to make.

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