Second Amazon outage in two weeks: Friday 13th unlucky for some

This is the second outage in less than a month Amazon has suffered at its North Virginia facility

Amazon Web Services encountered a bit of bad luck Friday the thirteenth when the company experienced outages in its US East-1 Region early that morning, leading to increased unavailability rates for a number of services hosted on the popular cloud platform including Github and Heroku.

Just before 8 am PDT Amazon began investigating connectivity issues in its facility in North Virginia, impacting the its EC2 services. The company said it had resolved the issue about an hour later, but continued experiencing increased API failures and provisioning time for load balancers.

The outage  impacted a number of services including Github and Heroku.

All told the issue took two hours to resolve.

It’s possible that the company experienced more than a little bad luck however, as its infrastructure seems to be showing some signs of wear. The latest incident comes barely two weeks after Amazon was hit with a brief outage at the very same North Virginia facility, largely believed to be one of the company’s oldest. A hardware issue on a networking device caused API latencies and networking errors which led some hosted instances to become unavailable for about 25 minutes, impacting Instagram and Vine among other services.







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