For the fifth year in a row, students will soon gather in Belgrade for a comprehensive educational project designed to improve the quality of education about the ideas of liberty. From October through June, the Akademija liberalne politike (Academy of Liberal Policy) will examine how to build a better future through free-market solutions to public policy problems. This year, the academy will offer a course on the economic philosophy of Milton Friedman and how it relates to the Serbian economic climate.

The academy program consists of two semesters. The first and primary portion introduces students to the philosophy of liberalism through the work of entrepreneurs, professors, and social activists. Mandatory classes include public policy proposal writing and the techniques of public opinion polls. A second semester places students in a mentoring program that includes different areas of emphasis, depending on the personal and professional preferences of each student. Lecturer Peđa Mitrović, an economic and financial analyst has been involved with the academy since its inception, and believes that its curriculum is the most important investment students can make for the future, because the content it offers is excluded from the standard Serbian University curriculum and is crucial to learning real, sustainable solutions to social problems.

Libertarian Club Libek started as a small group in 2008 and has rapidly grown to be known in Serbia and the surrounding region as the benchmark organization for ​​individual freedom and personal responsibility. The organization’s mission is based on three core components: education for freedom; public advocacy for lower taxation; and economic and social research. By providing the students of Serbia with skills and knowledge to advocate individual liberty and personal responsibility, they are building a more free and prosperous future.





























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