Skywind Mod Offers Progress Update in New Video

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The team behind Skywind, the attempt to rebuild The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind within the Skyrim engine, offers an update on the development of the ambitious project.

Morrowind, the third title in the acclaimed Elder Scrolls series, is seen by some fans of the franchise as the best that the series has ever had. However, it’s become clear that since the game’s initial release back in 2002 there have been several advancements in gaming, both in terms of graphics and gameplay. That’s why a team of devoted modders have been spending their time and effort rebuilding the game in the Skyrim engine under the name Skywind, and the team has just released a new update on their progress.

Those who are interested in Skywind are in for some good news, because it’s clear that The Elder Scrolls Renewal Project has made some significant advancements since its previous update. In fact, in spite of the size and scope of Skywind, the epic mod is looking more and more likely to see completion. Already, the team has seen vast parts of Morrowind’s world recreated, and a huge amount of progress has also been made in the audio field.

However, the team still needs some more help to make sure this massive Skyrim content makes it over the finish line. In particular, the project is searching for more creation kit users, as well as more sound engineers and texture artists. Those interested in finding out more can see the full project update video below.

The team behind Skywind has been keeping those interested in the extensive mod updated through regular video content since the project’s announcement. In fact, The Elder Scrolls Renewal Project was able to give an update just last month, showcasing more of the progress made. The dedication that the team is showing is certainly commendable, and there’s a hope that the end project will truly encapsulate the feel of Morrowind within a more modern game engine.

The third Elder Scrolls game is far from the only title to see an updated build in a more recent game. As well as Morrowind, its successor Oblivion has also been subject to a fan-made rebuild in the form of Skyblivion. Meanwhile, Bethesda stable mate Fallout has also seen an attempted fan-made remake, with a team building the game in Fallout: New Vegas.

There certainly seems to be something about games originally built by Bethesda that brings out the need to rebuild other titles in the mod community. As another example, Fallout 4 has recently been used to make a recreation of P.T., the demo for the now-abandoned Silent Hills. However, little compares in sheer effort to Skywind, and the admiration that the team receives for their work on the project is certainly deserved.


[Source:- Gamerant]