Sony Working On New Sulfur-Based High-Capacity Rechargeable Batteries That Last 40 Percent Longer

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If there’s one important thing we need in future smartphones, it would be better batteries. More advanced processors and displays are excellent, but what are they without a reliable and long lasting battery?

That’s why Sony is working on a new battery technology that should give smartphone users what they have been clamoring for.

According to the latest report, Sony is hoping to provide a new type of battery that uses sulfur instead of lithium.

Theoretically, these sulfur-based batteries should be capable of delivering up to 40 percent more battery life than current battery technologies. However, there are a few problems with sulfur-based batteries, and that is why we have not yet seen the technology brought to consumers.

Here’s the deal: the electrode dissolves in the electrolyte faster than current batteries with each charging cycle, which means the capacity will be lowered faster than expected. Now, the Japanese company is said to have found a way around the issue and is now attempting to make sure it is safe for public use.

The report also claimed that Sony’s new sulfur-based batteries could offer similar capacity to current lithium batteries, but at 30 a percent smaller size. This could allow smartphone manufacturers to create smaller devices, so from the look of things, we might not see an increase in battery life, but smaller handsets with the same capacity as current lithium technology.

The report did not state when Sony plans on commercializing its sulfur-based technology, but we’re guessing it could take some time as the company needs to vet the technology properly before making it available for consumers.

We’ve come to realize that all promised new battery technologies have taken a very long time to make it to market, so we should expect to see this sulfur-based battery incorporated into devices in a few years.