Spiceworks launches free cloud-based help desk application and monitor


Spiceworks has announced a free cloud-based one size fits all Help Desk system for enterprises. It promises to give IT professionals a custome made system with unlimited admin and end-user seats, no hosting or storage costs, constant updates, free support and access to a community of millions of peers.

This plan is to for IT professionals to waste less time on mundane tasks and more time supporting their organisations, says Spiceworks. The system has custom dashboards to give instant overviews of help desk operations and rapid analysis of events within the cloud. Auto-assignment helps IT professionals automate their help desk system with rules that assign tickets to specific technicians. This could speed the process of fixing faults and cut the time spent managing tickets, says Spiceworks.

User portals will allow end-users to submit help desk requests through a website instead of email. The option for customised user portals could help improve usability by personalising help desk experiences for end-users and clients, says Spiceworks.

“We have four IT professionals using Spiceworks’ cloud-based Help Desk system to support 27 company locations across Arkansas and Missouri,” said Galen Ransone, IT technician at Greenway Equipment. “It’s already proved effective in supporting employees who need technology assistance. The fact that it’s free makes it even more enticing.”

Spiceworks also introduced a new beta version of its mobile application for road warriors who might want to manage their cloud-based Help Desk through Google Android and Apple tablets and smartphones. Spiceworks has also launched new features and functions for its Network Monitor and cloud-based Help Desk solutions for IT professionals, which keep tabs on server and network devices in real-time.

Nicole Tanzillo, director of help desk product marketing at Spiceworks, explained that the initiative is in response to demand from clients. “IT professionals have spoken and they want great tools designed for them that work,” said Tanzillo.


















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