Spotlight: Mobile Gaming Revolution Creates a New Party Experience

mobile gaming revolution

Gaming has become a huge industry over the last few decades. What was once just a simple, innovative console game has blossomed into so many different games, platforms, and businesses. There are even parties dedicated to the activity.

Mobile Gaming Revolution is a company that provides mobile gaming parties to customers around the country. The company uses a franchise system to reach as many potential customers as possible. Read more about Mobile Gaming Revolution’s unique business model in this week’s Small Business Spotlight.

What the Business Does:

Provides all-inclusive gaming parties.

When you book a party with Mobile Gaming Revolution, the company brings a mobile gaming center to you, complete with a variety of console games and some other special features. Founder Lee Bekhor says:

“Our self-contained gaming theaters contain the latest consoles with a broad variety of games that appeal to young, old, girls and boys. We take our service to the next level by providing additional services like laser tag and bumper ball.”

Business Niche:

Providing completely personalized service.

The company can handle a variety of different parties, from birthdays to fundraisers and corporate events. And reps and franchisees work with customers from the very beginning to cater the experience specifically to each customer’s needs. Bekhor explains:

“Anyone can play video games and everyone can hire a party entertainment company. We don’t only pride ourselves on being the best in the industry, we pride ourselves on taking every event to the next level.”

How the Business Got Started:

By talking to friends.

Bekhor explains:

“I was visiting a friend who had a little boy aged 6, and he was busy planning his birthday. He asked me what I thought he should do for his birthday, so I asked what he liked to do for fun. He responded that he loved video games, so I suggested a video game party. Fast forward a couple of years and here we are.”

mobile gaming revolution

Biggest Risk:


Starting a franchise system required a big up-front investment. But it was essential for expanding the business.

Biggest Win:

Winning over their first franchisee.

Bekhor explains:

“He is a very educated individual who had been looking at various opportunities, including at our competitors. We managed to win his trust and confidence even though we are a small company with a lot to prove. We showed him our systems, our processes, and our overall culture and were able to get him to believe in us and come on board. Today he is still with us, and loves the decision he made almost 2 years ago!”

How They’d Spend an Extra $100,000:

Expanding and marketing.

The company hopes to continue growing in different markets. And to do that, it will focus on building things like name recognition and market share.

mobile gaming revolution



The corporate team is a very tight-knit group responsible for the communication and system implementation of the business as a whole. To do those jobs effectively, they have to have a great sense of teamwork. Bekhor says:

“Due to our team being so small, we’re very close. We have a family dynamic which works for us.”

Favorite Quote:

“Bientastic!” – Lee Bekhor

He explains:

“It means fantastic in our team and that’s what we hope to achieve!