‘Star Wars Battlefront’ Review Roundup: Here’s What Gamers Have To Say

Star Wars Battlefront

Star Wars Battlefront servers have finally opened for everyone. However, there are still those who are yet to make up their minds on whether they should purchase the game or skip it and play another title.

While first impressions were released after the beta that was held last month, extensive game reviews weren’t available until after the game was released earlier today. Gamers with an early EA access subscription had the game available to them for over a week now. The qualified subscribers were provided 10 hours to try out the game ahead of most gamers. Reviewers were also invited to test the game ahead of the official release during Electronic Arts’ (EA) “Review Event” this past weekend. However, in exchange for the 12-14 hours pre-release access, the attendees weren’t allowed to publish their reviews until the launch day. Giving a review score and conclusion were also not allowed for those who attended the Review Event.

“[The] review coverage would not be allowed to run until launch day, and the final embargo from the event stipulates a publish time of 9 p.m. PT on Monday, Nov. 16,” explains Polygon, which refused to attend the event and accept EA’s terms.

Regardless of the embargoes, the reviews are out now. And since we heard Polygon’s sentiments, we might as well start with its review first.

Polygon rates the game 8/10.

After 20 hours of combined gameplay, the reviewers, Justin McElroy and Dave Tach, conclude that Star Wars Battlefront is “a game of surprising variety and anachronistic constraints.” The game difficulty is described to be somewhere in between hardcore and casual. Both also noted that while the game looks beautiful, Heroes vs. Villains is unmoving.

“I have fond memories of playing large-scale battles in the original Battlefront games,” Tach comments. “But fights like those are now commonplace, and DICE’s resurrection felt a lot like other contemporary multiplayer shooters.”

However, it’s not all bad. Dave Tach complimented the level design along with the distinct locations, which were taken from the “Star Wars” trilogy and the upcoming “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.” Justin McElroy had the slow pace of item progression a thumbs up and noted it is great for casual gamers.

“I want to play more Battlefront because it’s just that: It’s fun,” says McElroy.

Time also got its hands on the game and gave it a 4/5.

Matt Peckham declared the current release as the “best Star Wars Battlefront yet”. Just like the previous reviewers, Peckham noted that the game captures the “Star Wars” look. He also listed the Star Card system as one of the game’s good points.

“Think of Star Cards as DICE’s way of breaking up the tyranny of rote classes (like “infantry,” or “sniper”), replacing them with a freer spread of special abilities or weapons you can assign to suit a broader range of tactical roles,” explains Peckham.

However, Peckham specified that the inconsistent A.I. and the lack variety with the single-player and two-player content pulled the game down.

“Battlefront’s notion of allied automatons often leaves you to dangle,” Peckham notes.

Destructoid gives Star Wars Battlefront a 6/10.

Destructoid’s Chris Carter compares the game to a “Frankenstein’s monster of sorts, with a lot of fun bits, and some elements of overproduction and bloat fixed in to boot.”

After noting that the aesthetics options lacked personality, Carter proceeded to praise the game’s locations, which he describes as “sprawling and full of life.” He then proceeded to saying that all the game modes are fine. Supremacy, Fighter Squadron, and Hero Hunt were listed as his favorites. However, the limited maps in mission mode and the lackluster survival mode pulled its good points down.

“If you’re in the mood for a relatively shallow shooter with caveats you likely won’t be disappointed, but I wish that DICE had a little more time to polish it and add more substance,” Carter concludes.

Gamespot has the game at 7/10.

Just like the other reviewers, Mike Mahardy compliments the visual spectacle of the game. He also got impressed by the sound design and Heroes vs. Villains, which he notes as “Battlefront at its best”. He found the maps appealing, but, according to him, “lacked focused design.”

Synonymous with the other reviews, Mahardy summarizes his game experience and explains that after the first 10 hours of gameplay, the game’s faults began to appear. For him, the game felt more as a homage to “Star Wars” than a substantial “Star Wars” game in itself.

“[Battlefront] front loads its best content, only to fade in quality as the hours roll by,” Mahardy writes. “[Its] is beautiful, but its legs are shaking, and threaten to buckle with time.”

The mixed reviews are summed up by what AngryCentaurGaming stated in its review of Star Wars Battlefront.

“Rarely have I seen a game -so solid in its presentation and so magical in its look – lose that so [explicit] quickly,” ACG concludes.

There you go folks. Those are the ratings of game review outlets and gamers’ assessment of the game. So will you spend $60 for Star Wars Battlefront and $50 for its DLC?