‘Star Wars: Galaxy Of Heroes’ Now Lets You Play Kylo Ren, Finn And Rey

"Star Wars: Galaxy Of Heroes"

Characters from “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” are landing on the renowned mobile app game, Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, as confirmed by EA Star Wars with Disney/Lucasfilm.

“Players can collect, fight and dominate with new characters from ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes,available now as a free download in the App Store and on Google Play,” says Disney.

As the Star Wars universe expands, or when a newly released Star Wars film brings in new characters, the game is also going to get them.

The new game characters include:

Fin (a resistance tank)

Kylo Ren (first order attacks)

Rey (risky attacker)

Captain Pasma (high damage leader)

Poe Dameron (resistance tank)

First TIE Order Pilot (first order attacker)

First Order Officer (first order support)

Resistance Trooper (resistance attacker)

Resistance Pilot (resistance attacker)

Those who are going to log in from Dec. 18 to Dec. 31 will be treated to two free characters inspired by the film. This is part of the celebration of the release of “The Force Awakens.”

Android players are going to unlock a Resistance Trooper and Captain Phasma. Apple users, in the meantime, will have Poe Dameron and First Order Stormtrooper available.

Described as entertaining and addictive, the mobile app game has been well-received by quite a few players.

Just last month, Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes arrived as a free download on both Android and iOS devices.

The game was developed and published by Electronic Arts. It is an RPG-style battle game, where the goal is to collect all the characters in the game. What’s even worth noting is that the game is free to play.

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes initially landed packed with 60 characters featured from the original film trilogy. Developers promised that more characters are xpected soon, particularly with the new film’s release. It seems that the promise is already coming to fruition.