Stuck With ‘Fallout 4’ Blurred Vision? Try These Workarounds Until An Official Fix Rolls Out

"Fallout 4"

Fallout 4 is one of the hottest games currently on the market and has already attracted numerous gamers, but one glitch that gives players permanent blurred vision is marring the experience.

Just recently we reported that a bug in Fallout 4 caused players to have permanent blurred vision after taking a blow or two. The blurred vision persists even across character resets or extended gameplay sessions, which obviously is quite annoying.

The permanent blurred vision occurs when the player gets an in-game concussion or some other kind of damage that’s extensive and received in a short amount of time, according to some reports. Other players, meanwhile, said they experienced a green tint with blurred edges, resembling a night vision effect, and it wouldn’t go away. Others report issues with perception.

“My perception is supposed to be at 5, but it currently showing (-) 1 and won’t go away. I’ve been trying playing for several hours now and would really not like to restart,” one gamer wrote a while back.

No official fix is available at this point to solve such issues, but gamers can try a few workarounds until a permanent solution rolls out. When it comes to the perception bug, for instance, the game doesn’t restore the character’s status properly after healing a concussion, and that’s what causes the issue.

The workaround in this case may seem a bit odd: characters that have a negative perception due to that bug can fix the issue simply by getting another concussion. The second concussion should return everything to normal, reversing the seemingly permanent effect of the first one. Just heal that second concussion with a stimpak and your vision should be good again.

If this workaround doesn’t do the trick, however, gamers might have no choice but to access the restorative commands within the console of the game. One player recommends typing the command “rimod 000094636” for the blurred image with green tint, and command “rimod 002041B6” for the blurred image with white-gray tint.

It’s worth pointing out that these console commands are possible only for those playing Fallout 4 on PC, and Bethesda warned that using such commands could result in unpredictable outcomes. Since this only works for the PC version of the game, PS4 and Xbox One players will have to wait for an official fix to roll out.

Lastly, another potential workaround for this nasty blurred vision bug could be to load an earlier save, but this may not always do the trick. It’s worth a shot nonetheless, and players might want to create several game saves during their quest, at least until an update becomes available and fixes this Fallout 4 glitch for good.