Sysdig Annnounces Kubernetes Support For ContainerVision Platform

Sysdig announced a feature release across its product line to enhance visibility into containers running at scale through wide support for Kubernetes. Kubernetesis is an open source container orchestration tool designed to enable teams to scale out a container environment. By understanding the metadata that Kubernetes uses to categorize containers, SysdigContainerVision is now able to see inside of those containers to enable reports on both theKubernetes and Docker data inside them.

Container technology like Docker brings a way to encapsulate an application. Similar to virtualization, which abstracts a hardware layer to allow multiple operating systems to utilize it, containers wrap around an application, seeming to the application that it has exclusive use of its resources. Though containers give developers a great tool to help them to isolate their applications into their own environment, there is a cost associated with that which comes in the way of decreased visibility.

Kubernetes improves on the ability of containers to isolate applications and micro-services by orchestrating their deployment, keeping track of the relationships between connected containers, and distributing those containers across clusters of hardware resources. Metadata is applied to the containers, identifying and differentiating between “pods,” “services,” and “replication controllers,” for example.

Sysdig ContainerVision, the core technology in both the open source version and the cloud version of the Sysdig container reporting tool, is also deployed as a container into the Kubernetes environment. Once deployed, ContainerVision is able to peer into the other containers, reporting on the applications that are running inside.

“Kubernetes is one of the hottest and most promising new technologies in IT, ­ and for goodreason,” said Sysdig founder and CEO, Loris Degioanni. “Building on Sysdig’s best­ in­ class support for Docker containers with comprehensive integration for Kubernetes has been one of the most requested features by our customers and our open source community. I’m hopeful that with the insights provided by Sysdig and Sysdig Cloud, more and more teams will be able to innovate withKubernetes-­based infrastructures in production with confidence and peace of mind.”


[Source:- tomsitpro]