‘System Shock’ Remake: Old vs. New In First Comparison Screenshots

System Shock

A full remake of the 1994 release System Shock is now underway following Night Dive Studios’ rights acquisition of the game franchise from the Star Insurance Company.

It was previously reported that Night Dive Studios has all the engines needed in order to produce a System Shock remake. Stephen Kick, the company’s CEO, stressed that the remake will not be anything similar to the variant that they launched in September. It is a type of remake that the company plans to do “from the ground up.”

“We have been in contact with members of the original System Shock team and any future iterations of the System Shock games, and by this I mean both new titles in the series as well as major updates to the existing games, will be very true to the spirit of the originals,” said Kick in an interview with Polygon.

The company’s commitment to keep the game’s original essence when it was released in 1994 is shown through the work of concept artist Robb Waters. Powered by the Unity engine, the game’s full remake hopes to attract both nostalgic gamers from the ’90s and those coming from the new generation.

System Shock is an action, role-playing, first-person shooter game that features a haunting story, innovative gameplay and a terrifying atmosphere. It has inspired some of the popular titles, including Bioshock and Deus Ex.

The game’s enhanced edition that was released in September also received positive reviews from a number of gamers. One of them with the handle G-Doc said, “The game’s creators managed to bring to life an environment so lifelike by contemporary standards, that playing the game I felt immersed completely. All the emotions were genuine. Awe, disgust, curiosity and fear. Mostly fear … After all these years I remember System Shock to be [a] near-perfect computer gaming experience, only flawed by [a] non-intuitive control scheme. Since this isn’t mostly a problem anymore in the enhanced edition (mouselook FTW!), there are few games or none I could recommend more!”

To let gamers have a peek into what’s going on in the project, Polygon came up with a number of images that show a comparison between the original version and the remake of System Shock. For more photos, head over to Polygon, where the new game’s original artwork is also revealed.