Tell Google which report you are really missing in new Google Search Console

If you log into the new Google Search console and click on any of your verified profiles at the top right, you may see a new button in the interface named “coming soon.” That button takes you to this help document that first describes why some of the reports in the old Search Console are not yet available in the new Search Console, which rolled out to users last week. It then asks you to vote on which reports you are missing that you really want Google to migrate over to the new version.

Here is a screen shot of the “coming soon” option in the new beta Search Console menu:

Google writes on this page:

If you don’t see your favorite old Search Console report in the new Search Console, it’s probably because one of two reasons:

  • We haven’t migrated it yet. (Most likely reason) We’re in the process of building the new Search Console, and it will take some time. Most likely your favorite report (or some version of it) will be in the new Search Console in the coming quarters.
  • We’ve found a better way to present that data. We won’t migrate every report in exactly the same way if we’ve found a better way to present the same data. In some cases, we might combine a few different types of data together, or we might include the report as part of a flow, rather than a top-level report by itself. Whatever the case, we won’t stop showing data that is important to our users; we just might show it in a new, more useful way.

It then asks you which “report do you most need from old Search Console?”

Google gives you these options: Structured Data, Rich Cards, Data Highlighter, HTML Improvements, Accelerated Mobile Pages report, Links to Your Site, Internal Links, Manual Actions, International Targeting, Mobile Usability, Blocked Resources, Remove URLs, Crawl Stats report, Fetch as Google, Robots.txt Tester, URL Parameters and Security Issues.