Telstra and Cisco Unveil New Products

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Telstra and Cisco have recently announced three new software-designed networking (SDN) and network function virtualization (NFV) products that aim to improve both cloud security and global data center interconnection. These products come in addition to Telstra’s two additional functions for its SDN PEN platform, announced in January.

Cloud Gateway Protection: This product was the first of the three made available in beta. It is a virtual security application that aims to secure cloud services and  internet access, as well as Next IP networks against cyber-attacks.

Internet Virtual Private Network (VPN): This product will provide both a secure and encrypted office network over public internet. This can be used by businesses across several sites. The launch is expected to occur later in March.

Data Center Interconnect: This product will extend Telstra’s SDN PEN1 global data center interconnection. Australian data centers will be added. Customers may configure links between domestic and foreign data centers.

These products aim to revolutionize the cloud. The three new products will be connected by Telstra’s self service portal. The two companies have a long standing partnership and this combined effort utilizes both companies’ assets.

The additional features Telstra added in January allow customers to call upon network functions and make digital partnerships.

PEN Exchange: This function allows customers to connect their network services with other customers’.

Improvements to PEN Marketplace: This function improved the marketplace; businesses may order NFV equipment from various vendors.

In addition to the strong partnership between Telstra and Cisco, Telstra has also formed a strong connection with HP and other businesses, allowing Telstra to further its BFV strategies and other programs.



Philip Jones, Telstra executive director of Global Products and Solutions: “By allowing us to overcome the constraints of traditional network infrastructure, the software-driven customer experiences dramatically increases our agility by enabling us to quickly create new solutions, and puts the control of those solutions into the hands of our customers.”

Kelly Ahuja, Cisco senior vice president of Service Provider Business, Products, and Solutions: “By combining Cisco’s agile and flexible software platform with Telstra’s customer-focused and customer-friendly range of products, we send a powerful message to the industry and a provide a clear example of how to develop and design the network services of tomorrow.”

David Robertson, Telstra Operations director of Transport and Routing Engineering for Networks, said at the time: “Partnering with multiple vendors helps us to deliver impactful virtualization and orchestration capabilities within a flexible architectural framework. As service providers look to build seamless application delivery networks, vendors that have qualified their technologies with the industry’s standardization groups are seen as more attractive to customers.”


[Source:- Cloudnewsdaily]