The Division

The Division

The Division, the first of this title in the Tom Clancy series of games, will explore a world in chaos. Like many other games in the series, The Division will involve a government organization—this time around, the player will take on the role of a tactical agent of the Strategic Homeland Division, a group dedicated to keeping the peace when the chain of command fails.

And nowhere is that failure more concrete than in The Division, where a disease outbreak has left the US in widespread panic. The disease is spread via bank notes, meaning everyone as at risk, and it’s up to the Strategic Homeland Division to restore order and find the source of the outbreak.

The Division will be an MMO, allowing players to take on AI-controlled enemies or other players to end the threat against the country. Though it was originally intended as a console-only title, demand for a PC version was high enough that Ubisoft has announced that a PC version is also in development. A tablet version will also be available, allowing players to join as a tactical support drone to offer help to players.

  • PlatformPC, PS4, Xbox One
  • ReleaseMar 08, 2016
  • DeveloperUbisoft
  • PublisherUbisoft

[Source:- Gamerant]