The Division On PC Is Easy To Hack According To Reports

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According to multiple posts on community sites, the PC version of The Division is easily hacked allowing players to utilize methods of cheating including infinite ammo and health.

Since the closed beta period began last Thursday on Xbox One, The Division has proven to be wildly popular with players as the demand for access has far exceeded what Ubisoft was anticipating. Though the company has already revealed a massive list of fixed bugs and glitches prior to the beta starting, PC players have begun seeing some users utilize methods of cheating to give themselves an unfair advantage over others.

Posts on Reddit have started to appear reporting that the way the netcode has been created is giving players easy access to tamper with it. Hackers are able to access and modify player statistics as that data is stored client side and doesn’t check or verify new data that is stored there, something most PC games do as a way to detect cheating. As a result, many PC users have seen a wide range of odd player behavior including unlimited ammunition and items, faster running speed, invisibility, and even being able to shoot through solid walls.


Interestingly enough, a PC user who tested these hacking methods also posted their findings on Reddit which includes video proof of the cheats in action. One of the videos shows the player boosting their PvP oriented Dark Zone rank to 255, something which isn’t supposed to be possible as the beta caps that rank at 12. The player also changes their character level and stats to quickly unlock some of the best weapons in the Dark Zone as well, including the Caduceus assault rifle.

The plot has thickened somewhat since the Reddit posts as Ubisoft community manager Natchai responded to an anti-cheating topic on the official forums saying that these users were not actually hacking the game, but abusing a number of known glitches that exist within this beta build. It is a bit strange to think that Ubisoft would have simply omitted an anti-cheating system when they’ve previously gone to great lengths to protect other online oriented games like Rainbow Six Siege.

With the game still a little over a month away from release, Ubisoft does have time to fix these problems. Thanks to the massive demand, Ubisoft has extended The Division beta period for another 24 hours, allowing players to continue saving New York until Tuesday, February 2 at 3AM PT.