The Division PC vs. PS4 Graphics Comparison

The Division beta has been analyzed by the team at Digital Foundry, and although the console versions of the game are both visually impressive, it’s looking like the PC version is where the game is at its best.

Digital Foundry discovered that if you want to run the game at ultra and retain 60 FPS, you’re going to need top-of-the-line hardware to do it. However, it looks as though it won’t be difficult to have a good experience if you need to scale things down.

One notable feature that puts the PC ahead of the PS4 version is the “extreme streaming distance” slider, which can prevent distant shadows and objects from popping in by loading them before they’re in sight. The other two big advantages the PC boasts is higher quality shadows and more precise reflections in puddles.

Digital Foundry notes that texture quality is similar between the two versions, though the increased frame rate and tighter control response makes The Division a more enjoyable experience on PC.

You can check out more tech analyses of The Division right here. If you want to check out which graphics card–the GTX 970 or the R9 390–reigns supreme in the post-apocalyptic streets of New York City, then Digital Foundry has put together this video.

You can also see how the PS4 and Xbox One versions stack up to each other here.

The Division has already received a mod that makes it look even better than before. And if you were worried about cheating on PC making its way to the final version of the game, Ubisoft is working on a solution.