The Lyrics To The ‘Mario Bros.’ Theme Song Are Not Very Good


Mario Bros. Theme Song Lyrics StillDid you know that the Mario Bros. video game theme has a set of official lyrics? Well, about as official as it gets, anyway: they date back to 1985.

Even better? Some lucky karaoke joints are getting an update that means attendees, along with their friends, will be able to sing it with gusto.

“Lucky” because the song, titled “Go Go Mario!!” is coming to Japanese karaoke machines courtesy of Joysound, meaning that the lyrics are in, you know, Japanese. If you happen to know the language and are in Japan, that qualifies as lucky in our books. It even comes with a little video montage featuring clips from 18 different Mario-related games up to and including Super Mario Maker.


The lyrics themselves are from a fan submission to the Japanese radio program Takao Komine All Night Nippon back in 1985. This fact crops up every couple of years as a sort of, “huh, would you look at that” news story. 2003’s Mario & Zelda Big Band Live includes a version of the song with lyrics, for example. Here’s a translated version of some of the lyrics courtesy of an old Destructoid post:

Today, full of energy, Mario is still running, running

Go save Princess Peach! Go!

Today, full of energy, Mario runs

Today, full of energy, jumping!

Today, full of energy, searching for coins

Today, keep going, Mario!

It is not a terribly clever song, but there it is.