There’s A ‘Fallout 4’ Secret Room Where You Can Get Every Item You Need: Here’s How To Find It

Fallout 4 secret room

As of this writing, a little over 100,000 people so far are in onFallout 4‘s latest secret.

Skyrim players are familiar with the secret, and now it looks likeFallout 4 gamers will have a shot at it. Of course, this would be the best way to ruin the game, too.

Typing in “COC QASMOKE” in the console commands prompt in the PC version of Fallout 4 will transport players to a secret room where they can access every single item in the game. The secret was revealed via YouTube channel, Tyrannicon, where the YouTuber types in the cheat code and is magically teleported to a foggy room.

In the room, there are four tables with two military supply boxes on top of each one. Walking up to each table, players will have access to “All Misc. Compent Items,” “All Consumables,” “All Scrap,” “Holotape Games,” “Holotapes,” “All Books,” “All Weapons,” and “All Armor.”

Also within the room, all Power Armor suits are displayed just like Tony Stark’s “Iron Man” suits. Even all the cooking stations, weapons workbench, armor workbench, chemistry station, and more are all in the room for the taking.

Rumors circulating online say the secret room is actually a developer testing room. The same was also discovered in Bethesda’s The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Fallout 4 newbies and seasoned players on PCs who are finding this latest game in the series to be usually moredifficult may want to make use of the cheat code to beat the game.

Again, using the cheat code to access the secret room is the surest way to ruin the game. Then again, if players can’t be bothered playing the game “the real way, the legit way, and ruining completely,” Tyrannicon says, “this cheating code is for you.”

Fallout 4 was launched just recently last Nov. 10 on all major platforms where 12 million copies shipped on day one. Launched with glowing reviews to support its release, the common complaint for the game was a few bugs and glitches here and there. We doubt this is a bug, so the secret room should be around to stay.