‘This War Of Mine’ Board Game Is Coming Next Year: Can You Survive The War?

This War of Mine Board Game

Wartime survival video game This War of Mine from 11 bit studios will be adding another platform under its belt, as a tabletop board game for the title will be released next year.

The board game adaptation can be played straight out of its box, with players not required to be familiar with the original video game’s rules. It will also come with a companion app.

Neuroshima Hex designer Michael Oracz will be teaming up withDying Light and Earthcore: Shattered Elements story designer and translator Jakub Wisniewski to develop the tabletop board game spin-off for the highly successful indie game.

The board game will feature a multiplayer experience, wherein up to six players can play at once. It will also feature a solo version. Players will be able to play as the characters from the video game, with hundreds of never-before-seen challenges and numerous hard choices to be made.

According to a press release by 11 bit studios, the board game will significantly broaden the universe of the original video game, and will emphasize plot depth. However, the main focus will be on the interactions between humans, as pushed by the instinct to survive and the need to make decisions as a group.

“All we can say thus far is that this project will be extremely ambitious because it aims to omit the usual boardgame threshold – [This War of Mine] the board game will be an INSTANT-PLAY game, with no need to read the manual before starting the adventure,” 11 bit studios said.

The companion app for the board game will have digital content to enrich player experience, along with features including live story updates, soundtrack, cut scenes, scripts triggered by scenarios, mini-radio plays, puzzles, unlockable content, secrets, hand-drawn concept art, and more.

This War of Mine is an action-adventure title that features complex strategy elements, as players find themselves in a war-torn location not as soldiers, but as civilians. In a land that is ravaged by war, players must do what it takes to stay alive, with their focus initially being on the basic needs of food, water and shelter and then growing into defense and tools for survival.