Trailer For First-Person Slasher ‘Severed’ For PlayStation Vita Revealed


DrinkBox Studios has released a brand new trailer of its upcoming first-person slasher game called Severed for PlayStation Vita.

In Severed, gamers play as Sasha – a one-armed warrior – who wakes up in a strange new world following a catastrophic event. A mysterious cloaked being gives a living sword to Sasha, which she uses in her journey to find her lost family throughout the game.

Graham Smith, the COO of DrinkBox Studios, writes in a PlayStation blog that combat is mainly done with the touchscreen of the gaming console. Smith explains that the studio has tried to make the gaming experience deep and complex by introducing sword combat with touchscreen rather than making it button based.

Sasha has to slay various monsters that come in her way and each monster is different and gamers have to deal with them by adopting different and varied strategy. Severed also presents multiple enemies as gamers progress in the game.

“As you progress through the game’s dungeons, you’ll encounter more powerful boss monsters that each have unique abilities. Severing these bosses will leave behind carcasses which Sasha can wear to gain abilities,” writes Smith in the blog.

DrinkBox Studios has not revealed any firm release date for Severed. However, the latest trailer will keep gamers excited about the game.

“I can’t wait for this! Seriously, the demo at last years PSX was so awesome, I played it both days. This is going to be a day one purchase for me, so I hope you guys have a release date lined up soon!” wrote a gamer on the PlayStation blog.

Touchscreen-based gameplay attracts many gamers. PlayStation Vita may not be very attractive to some gamers; however, Severed may still attract gamers to play it when launched.