Unofficial Port Brings Peach To Android And The Web


So far, Android users have been left out in the cold when it comes to the new messaging app Peach due to it releasing on iOS first, but an unofficial app called “Nectarine” wants to fill that gap.

Peach, for those who missed out on the initial burst of popularity, is essentially an app-only social media platform that’s somewhere between Twitter and Slack. It first launched on iOS back on Jan. 8. Created by Vine co-founder Dom Hofmann, Peach pitches itself as “a fun, simple way to keep up with friends and be yourself.”

There’s an official Android app on the way, but there’s no definitive date set for its release. The unofficial Nectarine app by developer Jason Miller got a “very cool!” from Hofmann on Product Hunt, so it seems like the Android and Web version that Miller’s cobbled together will survive for the time being. Nectarine doesn’t have every feature available in the official version of Peach, but it’s got a little taste for those who can’t wait.

Despite claims that the messaging app is already dead in the water, our own Lauren Keating found her time with Peach to be surprisingly enjoyable.

“I feel like the social media space for me is already too crowded,” she wrote earlier this week. “But as tweets continue to pop up about Peach, and it continues to climb on the App Store charts, I felt like I just had to sample it.

“And let me tell you, just a small taste of Peach is enough to get a social media addict hooked — or at least enough to interest those who love to text to come back for seconds.”

Nectarine, the unofficial version for Android and Web, is available now, and Peach for iOS remains available to those with an appropriate device.