Where does cloud fit into the Internet of Things?

IoT_Outlook_2015_Survey_Rep-211x300_v2The Internet of Things (IoT) is set to become one of the most transformative technological and commercial opportunities yet, with a range of IoT services already hitting the market. But this transformation brings with it a number of challenges. This next generation of solutions will require a level of security, interconnection, flexibility and scalability yet to be seen in the solutions offered in markets today. This means developers and IT departments will need to think hard about what IoT services require from an infrastructure, application and development platform perspective.

Cloud-based services, which are scalable, can be flexibly deployed, and architecturally complement IoT, have the potential to help make IoT services more performant and help overcome some of these challenges, but what is less clear is how cloud-services will fit into developers and IT departments’ IoT plans.

To that end, BCN and Telecoms.com surveyed over 650 IT professionals and developers on their IoT plans to learn more about how cloud-based services will be deployed in the IoT solutions they create, and their views on the issues and challenges they believe are likely to be encountered along the way.

  • Do IT departments and developers have the right skills and the right tools available to make the next generation of IoT services?
  • How are concerns over data security and data privacy in IoT being addressed when cloud is thrown into the mix?
  • How does the nature of IoT change the way applications need to be architected and developed?
  • Will cloud reduce critical bottlenecks in IoT services?

Download the report now to learn more about what developers think about these issues and where they are in their IoT journeys.







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