Which Sites Have The Most Valuable Search Engine Traffic? [INFOGRAPHIC]


If you’ve ever used the tool SEMRush before, you’ve likely noticed how it assigns a dollar amount to your organic traffic. This value is based on the amount of money people are bidding to rank for the keywords you’re getting traffic from organically

Using SEMRush’s Traffic Cost metric, search agency Siege Media combed through the web to find out which sites were generating the most valuable organic search traffic.

The findings have been compiled in the infographic below:



It’s interesting to note that the site with the most valuable search traffic, Wikipedia, is one that does not attempt to generate a profit from its traffic.

Besides that one outlier, the results are more or less what you would expect for each vertical. Some other surprises to me was the value of Yellow Pages’ search traffic, and the fact that Instagram has fairly valuable traffic for a network that exists primarily as a mobile app.

Sites that focus on providing users with decision-making information seem to, for the most part, have considerably more valuable traffic than sites that focus on selling products. For example, TripAdvisor’s traffic is 4 time as valuable as Expedia’s.

In any case, these are the sites generating the most valuable, free traffic on the web. If you’re looking for sites in your niche to learn from, here’s a good place to start.