Xbox One Exclusive Quantum Break Rated MA15+ In Australia For Strong Violence

quantum break time-stop

Xbox One exclusive Quantum Break has been rated over in Australia earlier this week with a pretty high MA15+ rating. Apparently the game has strong violence.

The Australian Classification Board has now rated Quantum Break over on its official website. The consumer advice tab notes that the game has “Strong Violence”. It received the second highest rating in Australia with MA15+.

In terms of other content, the game has moderate impact on themes. Violence has a strong impact, but is one shy from getting high impact. The game also has a moderate impact on language. This is an indication that a lot of the character say a lot of swear words in the game. There is only a mild impact of drug use.

The game has zero references whatsoever to nudity and or sexual references. For anyone wanting to know, the violence is the biggest factor in this game. Which is kind of surprising as the game looks like any other third-person shooter just with the time bending abilities.

We may know more specific detail on the mature content of Quantum Break when the ESRB writes a summary for the game within the next few weeks or so. The rating from the ESRB is still pending at the moment.


[Source:- n4g]