Zenyatta will be the following Overwatch hero to be rebalanced

Omnic monk Zenyatta may the subsequent Overwatch hero to be rebalanced.

We’ve been speaking about him,” director Jeff Kaplan says on the Warfare.net boards. “We wanted to look how the Widowmaker and McCree stability changes performed out before making any changes. We are exploring some options right now. Not anything more to file at this time.”

In contrast to McCree and Widowmaker, the first heroes to feel the wrath of a patch, it feels likely that Zenyatta will be buffed. I’ve been on the receiving end of a few devastating Zenyatta plays, however there is no getting spherical the reality he’s the second-least performed person, overwhelmed to the respect simplest by Symmetra.

That said, his winrate is over 50%, and I wonder whether Blizzard can make him greater attractive to play with out altering his damage/recuperation model. I find orbs the least inspiring weapon amid Overwatch’s arsenal.

I will bet we will soon understand for positive—the final time Blizzard ‘explored a few options‘ McCree and Widowmaker have been nerfed quick clever.