• 150 technology blogs that accept guest post

    How to find the best tech blogs to guest post for?

    We could advise you – such as all guest blogging guides do – on keywords search operators, scraping results, merging and removing duplicates, pulling SEO metrics for each of these blogs… ????, but hmmm, we do have a better plan to save your time.

    ???? We have found out where leading technology companies post their content and are proud to offer you the list of the 150 best ones. Using this will help you find the blogs that meet your niche criteria and make you most comfortable pitching them.

    The TOP 150 tech websites for guest posting

    What are the most popular technology blogs among software companies for guest posting?

    Each of these platforms is used by a least 150 different software businesses for their blogging strategies.


    Forbes is the most well-known media website in the world. It is some people’s goal to have their articles posted on Forbes, however, it is not a simple procedure because Forbes does not accept direct marketing and there is a strong moderation. In addition, to be a Forbes contributor, you must be an established and prominent blogger.


    Software Ratings and Services provide a constant stream of knowledge, insight, and inspiration to startup entrepreneurs and operators. It gathers a tech and entrepreneurs audience with discussions around software, reviews of some tools, and publishes news about the new trends in business and tech.

    3.Martech Series

    Martech Series is a rapidly developing online journal covering Marketing TechUpdates, Insights, and Trends worldwide. It includes a combination of ground-breaking events, entrepreneurial projects, creative interactions, and industry experts’ views. It has rapidly evolved to become one of the most attractive sites for news on contemporary marketing tools, tactics, publications, online conferences, forums.


    CMSWire.com is a prominent B2B journal for CIOs, CMOs, Heads of Digital, Customer Relationship executives, and digital business pioneers passionate about their organizations’ cultures, people, digital assets, and online experiences. Their regular notifications bring you up to speed on the latest developments in Digital Customers ’ satisfaction, the Connected Workplace, and more.

    The website releases 150+ original monthly articles, provides instructional webinars, hosts conferences, and attracts a community of over 3 million corporate practitioners, technology buyers, suppliers, and experts.

    5.The Entrepreneur

    The Entrepreneur is a digital news journal devoted to marketing, business, rising companies, social media, and financial media. It is ideal for those who want to establish a new company. It has long been regarded as the essential resource for all aspects of business ownership.

    The magazine, which is released monthly, is accessible by the membership system and available on newsstands in the U.S. And in the printed or mobile app version in Canada.


    HubSpot is a popular automation platform used by internet companies to turn website traffic into clients. HubSpot is the ideal location to guest post freely, with over 32 million monthly visitors. It accepts marketing, sales, service, and blog posts.


    Inc.com is the most well-known and authoritative financial and business blog.
    With 14 million monthly visitors on its website, this is an excellent location to share your thoughts and skills around transformative finance. Their guest post-approval procedure is done by email, which you must submit to their editing staff.

    8.Small Business Trends

    Small Business Trends brings you the latest news, insights, success stories, and failures from professionals that want to help startups survive and thrive. It provides a range of services and information to assist small company owners, entrepreneurs, and others who deal with them in staying educated about the small business market. They prefer to think of themselves as “small company success… provided every day.”


    Ai’Thority is an online media site that addresses artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain, augmented reality, virtual reality, and software as a service (SaaS) sectors through journalistic insights, tendencies, and benchmarks. It refers to a large tech audience about the new trends, new tools, best practices,…

    10.The Next Web

    The Next Web (TNW) is a media firm that specializes on worldwide tech news, business, and culture. It is a worldwide online company that uses media, events, and services to inform, empower, and link people who love technology.

    11.Fast Company

    Fast Company is the world’s leading business media website, with editorial material that focuses on tech innovation, entrepreneurship, game-changing ideas, ingenuity, and design. It is a business magazine created for and about the most progressive executives. It inspires audiences to dream large, lead with purpose, accept change, and shape the business of tomorrow.


    TechRepublic is offering IT pros a one-of-a-kind combination of original material and peer-to-peer assistance from the Web’s biggest community of IT experts. This website covers a wide range of subjects, from cybersecurity and cloud computing to AI and machine learning, as well as areas of innovation. It offers how-to guides, advice, templates, and best practices in the tech sector to empower CXOs, CIOs, IT executives.


    Thenewstack.io includes news updates, inspiring stories on new stacks being built, data research, discussions, and the part that goes into the technical, business, and community elements of developing this new stack environment.

    14.Practical Ecommerce

    Practical Ecommerce displays unbiased research and strategy to assist firms in their online success. Their writers are e-commerce experts, consultants, and bloggers. They cover SEO, email campaigns, multichannel sales, retention, platforms, product design, and many more e-commerce issues.

    15.HR Tech Series

    The HRTech Series examines current and future possibilities in the field of human resource technology. They highlight the newest trends and advances in HR Technology through news, discussions, and HR tech tutorials in order to encourage better engagement between HR personnel and workers.


    DZone.com is one of the world’s biggest internet communities and a prominent producer of software developer information resources. They have daily more than 100 000 visitors that come to learn about the newest technological trends and to exchange information about new technologies, methods, and best methods.


    Hongkiat.com is a blog site about design for designers, writers, and tech aficionados. This is a prominent go-to site for everything related to tech, design, and technology, and it also offers amazing new and inspirational material. It publishes at least eight pieces weekly and frequently releases tips, tactics, techniques, tutorials, tool suggestions, and a plethora of freebies for web designers, writers, graphic designers, entrepreneurs, and web developers for its 1.9 million visitors.

    18.Small Biz Daily

    Smallbizdaily.com is a community of industry leaders, veteran business owners, and fellow entrepreneurs. They’re all gathered in one place. Smallbizdaily publishes news related to businesses, it goes from sales & marketing trends to startups stories, guides, and tips.


    Geekflare creates high-quality technological articles, tools, and API to assist organizations and individuals in growing. The platform contains over 1050 articles and over 35 applications that assist individuals by sharing information and ideas.

    20.Super Monitoring

    Super Monitoring provides tools and methods for organizations to track and measure the effectiveness of their sites. It is tracking the availability, speed, and correcting operation of websites, webshops, and web apps.


    Quertime is the leading source of information and news in tech, social networks, digital, design, and other fields, with content supplied by authors and professionals from all around the globe. It is continuously delivering valuable web design, blogging, and Internet user advice, tricks, resources, tutorials, and more. It also has a lot of inspiring stuff and offers out a lot of interesting things to help you live a more productive and fulfilling life.


    Lifewire assists its novice and professional audiences take full advantage of their technology by offering useful, practical tech tips, guidance, and responses that are free of jargon that make it accessible for anyone.

    23.The Content Marketing Institute

    The Content Marketing Institute provides its audience with content marketing how-tos, ideas, and tutorials. It shares materials to help them start or enhance their content marketing activities, such as blog articles, genuine research and statistics, case studies, and far more.

    What you should know before starting guest blogging.

    Google guidelines for guest blogging

    For many, guest blogging was a way to earn a good reputation, gain exposure, and get backlinks. It was all child’s play, but not anymore. The level of competition, expertise and the wide variety of metrics search engines evaluate make it difficult to rank. To establish personal branding and build a reputation in writing now requires that you go above and beyond.

    Nowadays, link-building is complicated. Google started penalizing websites with excessive links, and for many years, Google has offered linking advice in guest blogs, continuing to do so today. Google is all about providing quick, helpful, high-quality, and accurate information to its users that matches the intent of the individual’s query. They want experts writing content that is trustworthy for their readers.

    “Nofollow” was recommended, and lots of people saw the positive results in creating quality content. Don’t try to get rich by providing links. Do not demand a follow backlink in exchange for a guest post. Anyone with a knowledge of search engine optimization (SEO) will ignore those emails, as those who don’t are more likely to damage their businesses.

    How to find tech blogs to guest post for?

    Use our TOP 150 tech websites listed above.

    If you need more ideas and opportunities, let me show you an efficient way to find thousands of unique and untapped guest blogging opportunities in a minute.

    If you haven’t used this tool before, it’s like a link prospector tool for the software industry. Enter any competitor or keyword, and the tool will kick back a huge list of web pages that mention the keyword. Hit Export, and you will have a list of thousands of websites where you can pitch guest articles. Scraping Google results would not provide you with this many leads in such a short period of time.

    How to create content for guest blogging?

    How to produce high-quality guest articles?

    The first step is to find writing guidelines and review the post to determine the blog’s writing style. A site that takes the time to develop these guidelines wants you to do so, so follow them to the letter. Be careful not to waste anyone’s time submitting a guest post that does not meet the publisher’s needs.

    A new blog is a perfect place to impress an audience with your knowledge and expertise. Grammar, flow, and organization must all be excellent in your guest blogging content. The piece’s quality is crucial. Answer queries, define concepts, look into problems, and offer answers. You must find out what the reader wants and provide all the information they need to meet their goal. Educate and inspire your audience with your writing.

    Don’t forget that every person who reads it has a chance to become a fan of your work. Their followers will see you and your brand if they share your material. As you earn more followers, you’ll want to share posts from your site that are equally authoritative.

    How to create content at scale?

    While discovering new blogs on which to guest post, you will be confronted with the hard task of coming up with many fresh new ideas for articles. Brainstorming some good guest post ideas quite quickly is not so hard. But generating content at scale is challenging.

    • Remix. Read great content and then use it as a foundation, building on top until your content is unique. Read the top blogs to learn what’s hot and unique before submitting the ideas to lesser-known blogs.

    • Split into small units. Produce an extraordinary piece of blog content. Then break it into several pieces. Submit each one as a guest post to another blog. Don’t even bother with the first step if you’ve already produced quality content. Instead of writing lengthy essays, break your existing articles into small pieces.

    • Refocus one’s attention. Talk about the same topic many times just by altering the perspective. To find unique variations for each guest post idea, alter the perspective. Coming up with 5–10 unique articles is much easier than doing this.

    How can you stand out in a sea of guest posts?

    Here are a few things that could help you wow an editor and get your content published:

    • In tutorials and how-to posts, include clear and easily understandable screenshots.
    • Provide named and optimized images, illustation or infographics with Alt Tags.
    • Produce a high-quality, educational video.
    • Think about SERP: format for position 0, carousel or “people also ask”.
    • Use quotes from experts.
    • Provide key points for social media posts.
    • Include links to the blog relevant articles.

    How to pitch for guest posting?

    Overpitch your guest articles

    Reach out to 5–7 blogs and send the same pitch. After that, you can offer the article to the first responder or the coolest blog if you get many replies. Having a queue of bloggers waiting for your guest articles is a great way to increase the amount of content on your blog.

    Personalize your approach

    Stop sending emails with cold approaches. Introduce yourself and state why you’re writing on the blog. Talk about the subjects that you know about and why you think you could add value. Begin by inquiring as to what they want and where your expertise lies.

    Reach blogs that have not yet mentioned you

    A second link from the same website has less weight than a link from a fresh referring domain. That’s why the majority of SEOs advise prioritizing the creation of links from fresh referring domains.

    After being published

    Promote the post throughout your social media with various posts and share them throughout the year, tagging the blog.

    Reply to comments. With blog comments and social media shares, you want to be present and timely. The more quickly you respond to a question, the more professional you appear. When an audience can interact with an author one-on-one, they form a difficult-to-forget bond.

    Keep it evergreen. Update your statistics, versions, methods to ensure it remains current and reliable.

    Wrapping things up

    We hope this article helped you find the best tech blogs to promote your content.

    Guest blogging is a terrific opportunity to grow a personal brand and raise exposure for a larger business. Like with anything, how you do it determines whether or not your work is effective.


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