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Artificial Intelligence And The Consumer Journey

I get quite a few companies asking me to host their content on my website, and I’m careful about what I choose. This one comes from Salesforce and talks about how companies can use AI to improve the lives of consumers. I chose this one because it shows some interesting examples of AI in subtle action, highlights some of the privacy risks we should all be mindful of, and is nicely presented.

The infographic walks through a day in the life of a consumer, let’s call them Sally. It looks at how Artificial Intelligence is helping improve Sally’s life, and covers see various types of application of AI in action.

It starts off with a Nest type of system that’s learnt the habits and routines of a household, but also has a weather feed as an input into the algorithm. This enables Sally to efficiently and cost-effectively keep the house at exactly the right temperature at the right time of the day.

Sally also tracks and manages her sleep pattern, enabling a smart alarm to wake her up at the precise point in her sleep so that she enjoys the right amount of sleep, whilst waking up in a light sleep, rather than waking during REM or deep sleep – meaning she’ll feel more rested and alert.

Over breakfast Sally interacts with her smart speakers using the Natural Language Processing (NLP) artificial intelligence capabilities that enable them to understand what she says to them.

It’s at this point I think it gets a bit creepy and very commercial.

Apart from the automated parking example, the rest of the infographic seems to be portraying AI as a tool for influencing consumers’ purchasing decisions, and in addition to this it hints towards the amount of data that is shared about Sally between various third parties.

What do you think?

Take a moment to read through the infographic below, what do you think? Am I being too cynical, or not critical enough? Let me know in the comments section below.