3 Key Strategies An SEO Company In Ireland Can Use Frequently

SEO is not a one-size-fits-all kind of strategy. Every marketing ploy launched by SEO companies is optimized to meet the interests of the target population. SEO Companies in Ireland know this, which is why everyday becomes a chance to be better – and an opportunity to rank higher.

Are SEO strategies different for every place then?

The answer is both yes and no. The framework is basically the same, but adding a few special touches make each strategy special. Each location has unique and characteristic qualities that can only be found in one place alone. They all have different sets of audiences, several distinct industries, and colorful cultural practices. SEO has to take all of these factors into account in order to come up with something extraordinary. Or in this case, something businesses in Ireland will come to love.

The following strategies are pretty general. You’ll find them practiced by SEO professionals all over the globe. So how can SEO Companies in Ireland, jazz these strategies up so that it fits the Irish market?

Here’s how:

Keyword Optimization

Basic knowledge of SEO would teach you just important keywords are in ranking your website. Keywords typically function as clues so that crawlers get a better idea of what your website is about. It significantly affects how Google processes your website – how it gets indexed, the kind of relationships it forms with other data available in the Knowledge Graph, etc. People even mistake SEO as a mere practice of keyword stuffing but let me waive that notion for you right here and now – SEO is more than just keywords. As you continue your studies on SEO, you’d also come to realize that.

Now on to the specifics, an SEO Company in Ireland can expound more on this strategic play on keywords and make it more locally optimized. So instead of generating keywords on a global level – which by the way is very hard to compete in for rank – they help you generate keywords at a micro level.

This article is the very example of it. I mean, I could have written an SEO article addressed to the general population. But instead, I chose to be more specific with my audience. Mirroring this practice in your own website’s SEO will help you reach the target market you are specifically aiming for. Mention words and phrases that are specific to a location (Ireland, Irish, etc.) so that Google gets to understand that your company exists in Ireland and wishes to serve the Irish populace. After all, what’s the use of ranking Google if you don’t land opportunities in your target location? Can you see any benefit for a Portugal-based Insurance Company to rank in San Francisco’s SERPs? Or, a restaurant in Miami getting a high Click-Through-Rate (CTR) from users living in Malta?

Point is that if you don’t land the sales, you’re really just wasting your time with SEO.

Read this article to find out more about the importance of local SEO keyword research.

Link Structure

Same thing goes with setting up your website’s link structure. Links are also an integral part of any SEO campaign. The more backlinks your website has, the more authority flows to your pages. But this only works when you have authoritative websites linking back to you. For SEO Companies in Ireland, what you can primarily take advantage of is backlinks from fellow Ireland-based authoritative websites. And, linking out to these businesses also helps build your website’s authority. If you have acquaintances or partners that also run their respective businesses online, you can take that as an opportunity to build two-tier links!

To know more about setting up your website link structure, click on this link:

Social Signals

Lastly, consistent activity in social media websites like Facebook or Twitter can also help build your website’s presence online. Take advantage of your own market. About 64% of the Irish population is active on social media. That means 64% of the people in Ireland may come across your website through social media campaigns. Also, if you know how to play your cards right, you can also take advantage of your social media accounts to send authority to your main website – sharing content, posting active URLs, including your website in your social media bio, etc.