4 Popular Types of Rummy and their Differences

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The popularity of rummy card game is soaring high day by day. The convenience of playing rummy game at a place of your choice and at your preferred time is the favouring points of online rummy. There are 20 variants of rummy played across the world. Although the essence of the different variants of the game is the same – to meld valid sets and sequences by drawing and discarding cards, the challenges are very different and unique to each variant.

Know the interesting differences in the gameplay of the popular variants of rummy. Here’s an exclusive list of some of them.

  1. Gin Rummy

This is one of the most popular variants of rummy in the world. Commonly played in America, Gin Rummy is very similar to the regular rummy that you play but has slight differences in the game. The differences are

  • In Gin Rummy, the ideal number of players is 2
  • A standard deck of 52 cards is used for the game
  • Each player is dealt 10 cards
  • Jokers are not used in Gin Rummy games
  • To win, the player has to be the first to meld the cards into sets and sequences
  • If a player has a perfect hand with melds, then he/ she goes gin, and scores a gin bonus of 25 points with the addition of the deadwood points of the opponents
  1. Indian Rummy

Also known as 13 cards rummy, Indian Rummy is the popular rummy version played in India. It is also commonly known as Paplu. The differences in the game are as below

  • The game is played between 2 to 6 players
  • A standard deck of 52 cards is For 2 players as a single deck of cards is used; for 6 players 2 decks of cards are combined
  • Each player is dealt 13 cards at the start
  • Jokers are used in Indian Rummy. In addition to the printed jokers, wildcard jokers are also used in the game
  • To win, you’ll have to meld at least 2 sequences with a minimum of one pure sequence without jokers and the remaining cards into valid sets and sequences
  • The winner scores zero points
  1. Kalooki Rummy

Popularly played in Jamaica, Kalooki Rummy is a variation of Contract Rummy and has come to be known as Jamaican Rummy. It varies from rummy in the following ways

  • Usually,it is played with 3 to 8 players. However, tournaments have 4 players play at each table
  • A standard deck of cards is
  • Each game is made up of 9 deals
  • Each player takes turn by turn to deal cards
  • Number of cards are dependent on the deal being played
  • The player with the least cumulative score wins the game
  1. Rummy 500

Also known as Pinochle Rummy or Michigan Rummy, the most distinctive feature of Rummy 500 your scores are based on the sets you meld. The other features of the game are as below

  • The game is played between 2 to 8 players. But the optimal combination is 3 to 5 players
  • A standard deck of 52 cards is used including jokers.
  • If 2 players are there 13 cards are dealt, and for 3 or more players 7 cards are dealt
  • The first player who scores a cumulative score of 500 is the winner


Different variants of the rummy are like savoring different dishes – the more you try the more will your experience get enriched. Download rummy game app. Play rummy; enjoy the card game.